Australia History Timeline

Australia History Timeline

Australia History Timeline
Important Australian people, dates and events
The Australian Aboriginal people
Captain James Cook's voyage of discovery
Australia claimed as British territory
The Kimberley gold rush
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   Australia has been inhabited for at least 50,000 years. It was first inhabited by the remote Asian ancestors of the current Australian Aboriginal people. Australia was not discovered by Europeans until the 17th century 
  1768Captain James Cook voyage of discovery in the Endeavour 
  1769Captain James Cook reached Tahiti on 3 June 
  1770Captain James Cook discovers New South Wales and takes possession of the Australian land in the name of Great Britain 
  1771Captain James Cook returns to England 
  177213 July: Captain James Cook embarks on the voyage of discovery in the Resolution 
  177612 July: Captain James Cook with the ships HMS Resolution and HMS Discovery look for the Northwest passage but bad weather drives him back to Hawaii 
  177914 February: Captain Cook is killed by natives 
  1779Banks suggests founding a convict settlement at Botany Bay. 
  1783Plans for the colonization in New South Wales are made in the UK 
  1788Foundation of Sydney.  
  17951795-1796: George Bass and Matthew Flinders make voyages in the Tom Thumb 
  1798George Bass discovers the Bass Strait and Westernport. 
  1803Matthew Flinders circumnavigates Australia. 
  1804Foundation of Hobart 
  1806Bligh made Governor of New South Wales 
  1808Mutiny in New South Wales leading to the deposition of Bligh. 
  1824Foundation of Brisbane 
  1829Australia claimed as British territory 
  1836Foundation of Adelaide 
  1837Accession of Queen Victoria 
  18371837-1840: George Grey explores Western Australia 
  1841George Grey appointed Governor of South Australia 
  1847Gold found in Port Phillip 
  1850Western Australia becomes a penal colony 
  1867End of transportation to Western Australia 
  1870British troops withdrawn from Australia 
  1880Capture of the Ned Kelly Gang 
  1882The Kimberley gold rush and Silver discovered at Broken Hill 
  1892Coolgardie gold-field discovered 
  1899Australian troops sent to fight in South African War 
  1902Immigration Restriction Act passed 
  19141914 - 1918 World War I 
  1918August 8: Battle on the Somme the capture of Mont St. Quentin by Australian forces. 
  1918End of WW1 
  1919Ross and Keith Smith fly from England to Australia by aeroplane 
  19391939 - 1945 1939-1945 World War 2 
  1942Darwin bombed 
  1945The United States dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki 
Australia History Timeline

Australia History Timeline
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Australia History Timeline

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