Tutankhamun Timeline

Tutankhamun Timeline

Tutankhamun Timeline ( 1929 - 1945 )
The dates and events in the short life of the boy king known as King Tut
Events during his turbulent short life
His family and his move from Amarna
His death and burial
The discovery of his tomb by Howard Carter
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Why was Tutankhamun famous?
Tutankhamun was a boy king, an Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh made famous by the fantastic contents in his tomb discovered by Howard Carter. For additional information go to King Tut and the Ancient Egyptians.

   Short Biography of Tutankhamun
Date of Birth: Born in 1343BC - originally named Tutankhaten
Place of Birth : Amarna, Egypt
Parents: Father:  Pharaoh Akhenaten
             Mother: Kiya
       Stepmother: Nefertiti
  1343 BCThe Tutankhamun timeline starts in 1343BC when he was born in Amarna, the new capital of Egypt built by his father Pharaoh Akhenaten to replace Thebes. The chief wife of Akhenaten was Nefertiti. The mother of Tutankhamun was another wife of the Pharaoh, called Kiya. 
  1337 BCThe father of Tutankhamun was forced to abdicate due to his belief in a radical new religion he had introduced that worshipped just one god named Aten. The throne of Egypt was taken by Smenkhkare Ankhetkheperure. 
  1334 BCAt the age of just 9 years old Tutankhamun was made King of Egypt. His regent was called Ay who was also the father of Nefertiti, the stepmother of Tutankhamun. 
  1334 BCThe third daughter of Akhenaten and Nefertiti, called Ankhesenpaaten, married Tutankhamun (she was therefore his half-sister) 
  1331 BCThe boy king was forced to change his name from Tutankhaten to Tutankhamun - this was done to emphasise that the god Amun was more important than the god his father had introduced (Aten) 
  1330 BCThe boy king Tutankhamun and his child bride were forced to leave their childhood home of Amarna and relocate in the old capital of Thebes - restoring power to the priests of the god Amun. 
  1330BC - 1325 BCTutankhamen and his wife had two daughters but they were both stillborn. During this period a military general, Horemheb, was declared heir to the throne. New temples were built in Thebes and Karnak to worship the god Amun 
  1325 BCHis short life ended in 1325BC, he was barely 19 years pld. The cause of his death is a mystery. There are speculations that he was murdered, or that he died of an injury sustained in a chariot accident. His wife also mysteriously disappeared shortly after his death. 
  1324 BCHe was buried in a tomb in the Valley of the Kings. This minor Pharaoh was made the most famous king of all when Harold Carter discovered his tomb, and its wonderful belongings, on 4 November 1922. 
  19224 November 1922
Carter discovers the tomb
5 November 1922
Howard Carter informs his backer, Lord Carnarvon of the discovery
26 November 1922
Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon investigate the content of the tomb.
Tutankhamun Timeline

Tutankhamun Timeline
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Tutankhamun Timeline

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