Anne Frank Timeline

Anne Frank Timeline

Anne Frank Timeline ( 1929 - 1945 )
The sad life of this famous young Jewish girl
The dates and events of her short lifetime
Her life in hiding from the Germans in Amsterdam
The diary of Anne Frank
Her death in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp
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Why was Anne Frank famous?
Anne Frank was the young Jewish girl who wrote a diary whilst she was hiding from the Germans in Amsterdam. The diary of Anne Frank was published after her death

   Short Biography of Anne Frank
Date of Birth: Born on June 12, 1929
Place of Birth : Frankfurt am Main
Parents: Father - Otto Frank
             Mother: Edith Holländer
  1929The Anne Frank timeline starts on June 12, 1929 when Annelies Marie "Anne" Frank is born in Frankfurt am Main, Germany to Otto Frank and Edith Holländer. Margot Frank (1926–1945) was older her sister 
  1933January 30: Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany and the first anti-Jewish laws are established

March 12: The First Concentration Camp opened at Oranienburg outside Berlin.

April : Nazi Boycott of Jewish owned shops.

June: Nazis open Dachau concentration camp

Otto and Edith Frank realise that they need to leave Germany and make plans to go to Holland. Edith and the children first go to to Aachen, Germany where they stay with Edith's mother, Rosa Holländer

Otto and Edith Frank receives an offer to work in Amsterdam
  1934January: Otto Frank begins working at the Opekta Worksand finds an apartment on the Merwedeplein (Merwede Square) in Amsterdam

February: Edith, Margot and Anne leave Germany and join Otto in Amsterdam

February: Anne Frank enrols in a Montessori school in Amsterdam.

August 19: Adolf Hitler becomes Fuhrer of Germany.
  1935September 15: Germany passes the Nuremburg Race Laws that deprive German Jews of their citizenship, their businesses, and their right to education 
  1936March 7: German troops occupy the Rhineland 
  1938July: The United States and 32 other countries meet to discuss the growing Jewish refugee crisis but no country offers to take in Jewish refugees

November 9/10: Kristallnacht- The Night of Broken Glass when German citizens loot and burn 7000 Jewish businesses, homes, and synagogues. 30,000 Jews are arrested and sent to concentration camps

Otto Frank starts a second company in partnership with Hermann van Pels, a Jewish butcher, who had also fled from Germany with his family
  1939September 1: Germany invades Poland

September 3: Britain, France, Austria and New Zealand declare War on Germany starting World War 2

Edith Frank's mother, Rosa Holländer, came to live with the Franks
  1940May 10:  The Germans invade and occupy the Netherlands

The Germans ordered that Jewish children could attend only Jewish schools so Anne Frank and her sister were enrolled at the Jewish Lyceum
  1941January 8: Dutch Jews are forbidden access to movie theaters or use public transport preventing Anne Frank from enjoying her favorite pastime

April 1941: All Dutch Jews are forced to wear yellow stars.

December: The Japanese attack Pearl Harbour and war is declared on the US.
  1942January: Edith's mother, Rosa Holländer dies

June 12: Anne receives an autograph book from her father for her birthday and Anne Frank decides to use it as a diary

July 5: Anne's older sister is ordered to report for relocation to a labor camp

July 6: The Frank family go into hiding in Amsterdam because of Margot's deportation order. Otto Frank leaves a note hinting that the family were going to Switzerland and they behave as if they are going on a journey. The Diary of Anne Frank records that she has to leave behind her cat called Moortje. The Frank family move into rooms above and behind the company's premises in a street along one of Amsterdam's canals. Some trusted employees of Otto Frank offer to help them. The Dutch word for the rear part of a house, used in the Diary of Anne Frank, translates as the "Secret Annex" in English.

July 13: Hermann van Pels (also known as Van Daan), the partner of Otto Frank, together with Auguste and 16-year-old Peter van Pels, join the Frank family in the 'secret annex'.

November 16: Fritz Pfeffer, a dentist and friend of the family, joins the annex.
  1943February: The Germans surrender in the battle of Stalingrad and Germany starts retreating. 
  1944August 1: The final entry is made in the diary of Anne Frank

August 4: The 'secret annex' was stormed by the German Security Police  following a tip-off from an informer who was never identified. All of the residents of the annex are arrested and taken to the Gestapo headquarters where they were interrogated and held overnight.

August 5: They were all sent to an overcrowded prison on the Weteringschans where they stayed for two nights

August 7: They were then sent to Westerbork transit camp and assigned to the Punishment Barracks for hard labor as they were considered to be criminals as they were found in hiding

September 3: They are all sent in a cattle car to Auschwitz. Once there, the men are separated from the women.

October 28: Anne and Margot are transported to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.
  1945January 6: Anne's mother, Edith Frank dies of starvation at Auschwitz

January 27: The Russian Allies liberate the remaining survivors in Auschwitz, including Otto Frank.

March : Margot Frank diee of typhus in Bergen-Belson

March 1945: Anne Frank dies of typhus in Bergen-Belson

June 3: Otto Frank returns to Amsterdam, not knowing whether his family are still alive

October 24: Otto Frank receives word that Anne and Margot died at Bergen-Belsen. His loyal friend Miep gives him the diary written by Anne Frank that she found in the annex after the family was arrested.

Jan 6, 1945 - Edith Frank dies of starvation in Auschwitz.

Jan 7, 1945 - Auschwitz is liberated. Otto Frank is the only survivor from the annex.

March 1945 - Margot dies of typhus in Bergen-Belsen.

April 1945 - Anne dies of typhus in Bergen-Belsen. The camp was liberated by British troops on April 15

April 30: Hitler commits suicide with his wife of two days, Eva Braun, their bodies are believed to have been cremated.

May 8: Germany surrenders to end World War II in Europe
  1947Anne's diary, Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl is published in Amsterdam. 
  1952June 16: The diary of Anne Frank is published in the United States 
  1957May 3: Otto Frank and others establish the Anne Frank Foundation 
  1959Otto Frank sues former Hitler youth member called Lothar Stielau, who publishes a school paper stating Anne's diary is a forgery 
  1960May 3: The Anne Frank House is opened in Amsterdam

The court declares the The diary of Anne Frank to be genuine and Lothar Stielau retracts his statements
  1963Otto Frank establish a charitable foundation in Basel, Switzerland called Anne Frank Fonds 
  1976Otto Frank sues Heinz Roth of Frankfurt for publishing pamphlets stating that Anne's diary was a forgery. The judge rules that Roth will be fined and sentenced to six months' in jail if he does not cease and desist 
  1986The Netherlands Institute for War Documentation commissions a forensic analysis of the diary which reveals that the diary is authentic and that the ink used was available during the time the diary was written 
  1990March 23: The Hamburg Regional Court confirms the diary's authenticity. 
Anne Frank Timeline

Anne Frank Timeline
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