Mary Queen of Scots Timeline

Mary Queen of Scots Timeline

Mary Queen of Scots Timeline ( 1542 - 1587)
The famous dates in the life of this tragic Catholic queen who was beheaded
Her early life and times in France
Her return to Scotland and her ill-fated marriages
Her imprisonment in England by Elizabeth I and the 'casket letters'
The beheading of the Scots Queen
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Why was Mary Queen of Scots famous?
Mary Queen of Scots was famous as the Catholic Queen of Scotland, the murders and intrigue which surrounded her life and her struggles with Elizabeth I of England

   Short Biography of Mary Queen of Scots
Date of Birth: Born on 8 December 1542
Place of Birth : Mary Stuart was born at Linlithgow Palace
Parents: Father - James V of Scotland
             Mother: Mary of Guise
Background Facts, Information & Ancestry : Her grandmother was Margaret Tudor ( sister of King Henry VIII) and her grandfather was King James IV of Scotland
For additional information about the life of Mary Queen of Scots go to the Elizabethan Era
  1542December 8 :Mary Stuart is born at Linlithgow Palace in Scotland the daughter of James V of Scotland and Mary of Guise 
  1543James IV dies and Mary Stuart is crowned Queen of Scots 
  1548The young Mary Stuart is sent to France in preparation for a French royal marriage 
  1554Mary of Guise is officially named Regent in Scotland 
  155824 April  15 year old Mary Stuart marries fourteen-year-old Francis, dauphin of France and heir to the French throne

Her new father-in-law, King Henry II of France, quarters her arms with those of England
  1559The old French King dies and Francis II and Mary Queen of Scots are crowned king and queen of France. Mary also lays claim to the throne of England 
  156022 February: Treaty of Berwick between England and Scotland

June 11: Mary of Guise dies in Scotland

Francis II the young new husband also dies
  1561August 19: Mary Stuart ( Mary Queen of Scots ) returns to Scotland 
  1562July 15: Elizabeth cancels a planned meeting with her cousin Mary, Queen of Scots because of Mary’s continued attacks of French Protestants. The two queens never meet 
  1563Claiming to the right of succession in England 
  1565Mary, aged 22, married her 19-year-old cousin Henry Stewart, Lord Darnley. It quickly becomes apparent that Darnley is a drunkard and licentious 
  1566March 9:  The Murder of David Rizzio, the secretary and confidante of Mary

June 19: Her only child is born (James, later king of Scotland and England)
  1567February 10: Murder of Lord Darnley, husband of Mary Queen of Scots

She turns to Bothwell for protection, and then marries the 30-year-old Earl of Bothwell causing a rebellion

May 15: She is imprisoned y the Scots lords

July 24: Mary abdicates and her baby son, James, becomes King James VI, King of Scotland - her illegitimate brother, the Earl of Murray appointed as Protector
  1568May 13: Escape from captivity followed shortly after by defeat at Langside

Flight to England but she is imprisoned by Elizabeth I at Fotheringay Castle
  1569October 1: Catholic Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk is imprisoned in the Tower for plotting to the captive queen of Scotland 
  1578April 14: Earl of Bothwell dies in a prison in Denmark

The Babington Plot - Sir Francis Walsingham discovers plot to assassinate Queen Elizabeth and replace her with Mary Queen of Scots. The leader of the plot was Anthony Babbington
  1586July 1: Treaty of Berwick between Queen Elizabeth and James VI of Scotland

October 25: Mary Queen of Scots is convicted of involvement in the Babbington plot
  1587February 8: The Execution by beheading of Mary Queen of Scots 
Mary Queen of Scots Timeline

Mary Queen of Scots Timeline
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Mary Queen of Scots Timeline

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