Viking Timeline

Viking Timeline
Important people, dates and events relating to the Vikings
The Viking raiders and the sacking of Lindisfarne
Viking Raiders settle in Normandy and Iceland
Erik the Red discovers Greenland
Leif Eriksson reaches the coast of America
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   The Vikings were prolific seafaring warriors from Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The early Danish timeline reflects the history of the Viking raiders 
  793Ancient Viking Raiders of the Middle Ages first raid in England. The monastery of St. Cuthbert at Lindisfarne is sacked 
  844The Ancient Viking Raiders of the Middle Ages raid Seville in Spain 
  845The Ancient Viking Raiders of the Middle Ages, led by Ragnor, travel up the River Seine in France 
  845The French King pays a ransom to prevent the sacking of Paris 
  860The Ancient Viking Raiders of the Middle Ages attack Constantinople 
  862The Ancient Viking Raiders of the Middle Ages found Novgorod in Russia 
  874The Ancient Viking Raiders of the Middle Ages settle Iceland 
  900The Ancient Viking Raiders of the Middle Ages raid the Mediterranean coasts 
  911The Ancient Viking Raiders of the Middle Ages under Rollo are settled in Normandy 
  981Erik the Red discovers Greenland 
  986The Ancient Viking Raiders of the Middle Ages land in Canada 
  1000Greenland and Iceland are converted to Christianity by the Ancient Viking Raiders of the Middle Ages 
  1001Leif Eriksson reaches the American coast 
  1035King Canute dies and the heir to Denmark and England is Hardacnut 
  1042Hardacnut dies suddenly and Edward the Confessor regains the throne of England 
  1050The Ancient Viking Raiders of the Middle Ages found the city of Oslo in Norway which is established as a major trade center. 
Viking Timeline

Viking Timeline
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Viking Timeline

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