Vietnam Timeline

Vietnam Timeline
Important people, dates and events in Vietnam
Bao Dai is the last emperor
Ho Chi Minh takes power
Vietcong Formed (National Liberation Front for South Vietnam)
Socialist Republic of Vietnam
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  1010The Ly dynasty and the Chinese are repelled 
  1226Tran dynasty 
  1288The Mongols are defeated 
  1887Creation of the Indochina Union 
  1932Bao Dai, the last emperor, begins his reign 
  1940Invasion of Indochina by Japan 
  1941Ho Chi Minh takes power 
  1945Ho Chi Minh declares independence in Hanoi  
  1955Ho Chi Minh declares independence in Hanoi 
  1959The communist party starts military operations in the South and construction of the Ho Chi Minh trail begins
Major Dale Buis and Master Sargeant Chester M. Ovnand become the first Americans to die in the Vietnam War during the guerilla strike at Bienhoa
  1960Vietcong Formed (National Liberation Front for South Vietnam) 
  1961Vice President Johnson Tours Saigon
President Kennedy increases US military aid to South Vietnam
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  1973US military withdraw 
  1975Viet Cong troops enter Saigon 
  1976The Socialist Republic of Vietnam is officially proclaimed 
Vietnam Timeline

Vietnam Timeline
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Vietnam Timeline

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