Timeline Of Ancient Japan

Timeline of Ancient Japan

Timeline of Ancient Japan
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Buddhism and Shintoism
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Japanese conquer Manchuria
The World Wars - Hiroshima and Nagasaki
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      10,000 BC Upper Paleolithic known as the Jomon Era  
    300 BC The Yayoi period heralding new technologies and skills, many obtained from China  
    0 AD: Shintoism becomes the national religion ( Japan adopts the Gregorian calendar in 1873 )  
    250 250-260 Founding of the Great Shrine of Ise  
    500 Japan adopts the Chinese alphabet  
    552 Introduction of Buddhism into Japan  
    645 Kotoku became the emperor of Japan  
    749 Shomu's daughter Koken, becomes empress  
    794 The Heian era - the Capital of Japan moved to Heian-kyo  
    838 The Japanese emperor forbids contacts with China  
    1100s The Taira and the Minamoto fought for control of Japan  
    1180s The Minamoto clan obtained controlled of the country
1181: Great famine kills hundreds of thousands of people
    1192 Yoritomo was given the title Shogun and led the government which became known as a Shogunate  
    1274 Kublai Khan and the Mongols try to invade Japan but are repelled by "kamikaze"  
    1330 The Ashikaga clan seized power  
    1467 Civil war erupts in Japan which is split among feudal lords (daimyo)  
    1549 Saint Francis Xavier, a Portuguese missionary, arrived in Japan. The Portuguese were the most successful Europeans in initiating major trade agreements with the Japanese  
    1603 Tokugawa leyasu was given the title of Shogun by the emperor. This title was held by the dynasty for 265 years  
    1614 Ieyasu bans Christianity from Japan  
    1630s The Japanese broke ties with all foreigners for the next two hundred years  
    1707 Mount Fuji erupts  
    1854 The Japanese agree to open two ports to the United States for trade  
    1868 The Meiji Emperor announced the official return of the imperial power and was declared a divine ruler  
    1873 1873: Japan grants religious freedom and adopts the Gregorian calendar  
    1895 The Japanese conquer Taiwan  
    1910 Japan conquers Korea  
    1914 1914 - 1918 World War I - Japan declared war on Germany  
    1931 Japanese conquer Manchuria  
    1936 Japanese sign a anti-communist pact with Germany and Italy  
    1940 Japan entered World War 2 by occupying the northern part of French Indochina  
    1941 7 December: Japanese attacked the United States at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii  
    1944 18 July: The government headed by Prime Minister Tojo collapsed  
    1945 August: The United States dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
2 September 1945 Japan officially surrendered and World War II ended.
Timeline of Ancient Japan

Timeline of Ancient Japan
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Timeline of Ancient Japan

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Timeline of Ancient Japan

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Timeline of Ancient Japan Timeline of Ancient Japan