Italy History Timeline

Italy History Timeline
Important Italian people, dates and events
The Lombards, the Eastern Roman Empire and the Papal States
Napoleon declares himself the emperor of Italy
Italy defeats the Ottoman Empire
The World Wars
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      Ancient Rome Timeline  
    485 Italy was invaded by Attila the Hun. Pope Leo I dissuaded Attila from sacking Rome  
    568 The Lombards, a Germanic tribe, invade Italy which is divided into three regions ruled by the Lombards, the Eastern Roman Empire and the Papal States  
    553 The old Roman Empire was reunited by Justinian, the Byzantine emperor  
    572 The Byzantine rule collapses after an attack by the Lombards  
    756 Pepin the Short, a Frankish King conquers the Lombards for the popes  
    756 The Papal States were established in central Italy  
    774 The Lombards defeated by Charlemagne  
    800 Charlemagne crowned Roman emperor  
    962 Otto the Great, the king of Germany, was crowned emperor establishing the Holy Roman Empire  
      1000s - 1400's Independent city-states are established  
    1519 Charles I of Spain became Emperor Charles V of the Holy Roman Empire  
      1700s Spanish rule passed to Austrian rule  
    1789 The French Revolution  
    1804 Napoleon declared himself the emperor of Italy  
    1814 Napoleon abdicated his throne and Italy was broken up into small kingdoms  
      1820s-1850s Small revolutions in the kingdoms - Venice, Rome and Tuscany declare themselves Republics  
    1849 Austria regains control of most of Italy  
    1860 Northern Italy was joined to the Kingdom of Sardinia  
    1861 The Kingdom of Italy was formed under the leadership of Giuseppe Garibaldi Victor Emmanuel II crowned king  
    1911 Italy defeats the Ottoman Empire  
    1914 World War I  
    1915 Italy joins the war on the side of the Allies  
    1918 The Allies win World War I  
    1922 28 October: The Fascists named Benito Mussolini the Prime Minister of Italy  
    1925 Benito Mussolini becomes the dictator of Italy  
    1936 Mussolini and Hitler sign an agreement known as the Roman-Berlin Axis  
    1939 Italy conquers Albania and Mussolini sides with Hitler and Fascist Germany  
    1943 8 September: Italy surrenders to the Allies in WW II
13 October: Italy declares war on Germany
    1945 Mussolini was shot
August 1945 The United States dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki marking the end of WW11
    1946 10 June: Italy abolishes the monarchy and establishes a republic  
Italy History Timeline

Italy History Timeline
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Italy History Timeline

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