Iraq Timeline

Iraq Timeline
Important people, dates and events in Iraq
Mesopatamia, Baghdad and the Mongol invaders
When Iraq became independent
Saddam Hussein becomes the Iraqi President
The rise and fall of Saddam Hussein
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    3500 BC Mesopotamia, known as the world's first civilization, developed in South Eastern Iraq  
    539 BC Mesopotamia was conquered by the Persians  
    332 BC Alexander the Great conquers the Persians  
    226 AD The Persian Sassanid dynasty took control of Mesopotamia  
    126 BC The Greek rule ended when the Parthians established control of Iraq  
    633AD Arab Muslims conquer the Sassanids and Iraq  
    750 The Abbasids conquer the Islamic world. Baghdad was founded as the capital  
    1258 Mesopatamia and its capital Baghdad falls to Mongol invaders led by the grandson of Genghis Khan. The Arab Empire was destroyed  
    1500s The Ottoman Empire conquers the region  
    1700s The Ottoman power in Mesopotamia begins to decline  
    1800s Great Britain becomes involved with Mesapotamia needing to protect their trade routes with India and the East  
    1914 1914-1918 World War I  
    1917 British troops occupy Baghdad  
    1920 The League of Nations give Great Britain a mandate to rule over Mesopotamia  
    1920 The San Remo Peace Conference of Allied Powers. Mesopotamia is renamed Iraq  
    1921 The British set up King Faisal I as the monarch and control the government  
    1925 The League of Nations sets the border between Turkey and Iraq which places the Mosul region in Iraq rather than Turkey against the wishes of the Kurdish population  
    1932 Iraq become independent  
    1937 April 28 - Saddam Hussein was born  
    1939 1939-1945 World War 2 breaks out  
    1940 1940-1941 The Iraqi government allies with Germany, Italy and Japan seeking to rid Iraq of British power and influence  
    1941 Great Britain defeat Iraq  
    1945 End of 1939-1945 World War 2 and Iraq helps to form the Arab League  
    1948 The Arab League declares war against the newly formed Israel  
    1950 1950-1952 Iraq signs agreements with foreign oil companies and receives 50% of the oil profits  
    1953 Faisal II became king of Iraq  
    1950s Many Iraqis began to oppose the monarchy. They wanted a say in the government  
    1955 Iraq signed the Baghdad Pact with Iran, Pakistan, and Turkey  
    1958 Iraq becomes a republic during a military coup and the monarchy is killed  
    1972 Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation signed between Iraq and the Soviet Union.
The country nationalises the Iraq Petroleum Company (IPC)
    1975 Iraq and Iran sign a treaty ending border disputes  
    1979 Saddam Hussein succeeds Al-Bakr as Iraqi President  
    1980 4 September: Iraq invades Iran starting the Iran-Iraq war  
    1981 7 June: Israel attacks an Iraqi nuclear research centre at Tuwaythah near Baghdad.  
    1988 16 March: Chemical attack on Kurds  Iraq believed to have used chemical weapons against the Kurdish town of Halabjah  
    1990 2 August: Iraq invades Kuwait
United Nations Security Council imposes economic sanctions on Iraq
8 August: Iraq announces the merger of Iraq and Kuwait
    1991 17 January: A coalition of 39 countries begin bombing Iraq starting the Persian Gulf War
The aerial bombing of Iraq is called "Operation Desert Storm"
27 February:  The liberation of Kuwait
3 March - Iraq accepts the terms of a ceasefire
    1992 26 August: A no-fly zone banning Iraqi planes set up in southern Iraq  
    1993 27 June - US launch cruise missile attack on Iraqi intelligence headquarters in Baghdad  
    1994 29 May - Saddam Hussein becomes prime minister of Iraq  
    1995 14 April - UNSC agree to allow the partial resumption of oil exports to buy food and medicine called the "oil-for-food programme" - implemented December 1996  
    1995 15 October - Referendum allows Saddam Hussein to remain president for another seven years.  
    1996 31 August: Iraqi forces launch offensive into northern no-fly zone and capture Irbil.
3 September: US extends northern limit of no-fly zone to latitude to the south of Baghdad.
    1998 31 October - Iraq ends cooperation with UN Special Commission to Oversee the Destruction of Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction (Unscom).
16-19 December: Operation Desert Fox - US and UK forces launch a bombing campaign, to destroy Iraq's nuclear, chemical and biological weapons programmes
    2002 September: Weapons inspectors return  
    2003 17 March Saddam Hussein given 48 hours to leave Iraq or face war
20 March: American missiles hit targets in Baghdad and US and British ground troops enter Iraq
9 April 2003: Baghdad and the power of Saddam Hussein crumbles and the US lists 55 most-wanted members of former regime which is issued as packs of cards
July: Saddam's sons Uday and Qusay killed in gun battle in Mosul
14 December: Saddam Hussein captured in Tikrit.
    2004 Fighting continues
US hands sovereignty to interim government headed by Prime Minister Iyad Allawi
Saddam Hussein transferred to Iraqi legal custody
    2005 Elections: The Shia United Iraqi Alliance win a majority
Parliament appoints the Kurdish leader Jalal Talabani as president and Ibrahim Jaafari, a Shia, is named as prime minister
October: Saddam Hussein goes on trial
    2006 7 June: The Al-Qaeda leader in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, is killed  
Iraq Timeline

Iraq Timeline
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