England History Timeline

England History Timeline
Important English people, dates and events
Roman Invasion - Boadicea and the Iceni
The Kings of England and the Norman Invasion
When the Magna Carta was signed
The Wars of the Roses and the English Civil War
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  55 BCJulius Caesar heads first Roman Invasion but later withdraws 
  0Birth of Jesus Christ 
  33ADCrucifixion of Jesus in the Roman province of Jerusalem and the origin of Christianity 
  43ADThe Romans built a fort, in the walled city they called Londinium 
  61ADBoadicea leads the Iceni but defeated by the Romans  
  122122 - 128 Emperor Hadrian orders the building of Hadrians wall on the Border between Scotland and England 
  486486 - 870 The Dark Ages are dominated by increasing English trade links with the continent and raids from the German Saxons and the Vikings. The English inhabitants were referred to as the Anglo-Saxons and ruled by different tribes and rulers 
  871871-899 King Alfred the Great starts the Wessex line of Kings of England 
  899899-924 Edward the Elder (son of Alfred)  
  924924-939 Aethelstan (first son of Edward the Elder)  
  939939-946 Edmund I (second son of Edward the Elder) 
  946946-955 Eadred (third son of Edward the Elder) 
  955955-959 Edwig (first son of Edmund I) 
  959959-975 Edgar (second son of Edmund I) 
  975975-978 Edward the Martyr (first son of Edgar) 
  978978-1016 Ethelred the Unready (second son of Edgar) 
  1016Edmund Ironside takes the crown but assassinated I month later 
  10161016-1035 - Danish under King Canute rule England 
  1042House of Wessex is Restored under Edward, the Confessor (1042-1066)  
  1066Harold Godwinson claims the crown 
  10661066 - The Battle of Hastings - William, Duke of Normandy crowned King of England (William I). Between 1066-1087 the Norman line rule the English 
  1086Compilation of the Doomsday book 
  10871087-1100 The reign of King William Rufus (son of William). William invades Wales and builds castles on the borders 
  11001100-1135 The reign of King Henry I (William Rufus brother) 
  11351135-1154 The reign of King Stephen (nephew of Henry I) 
  1099First Crusade. Jerusalem is re-taken from the Muslims on the urging of Pope Urban II 
  1118The Knights Templar founded to protect Jerusalem and European pilgrims on their journey to the city 
  1147Second Crusade 
  11541154 - 1399 - The Plantagenet Kings of England (Angevin Line). 1154-1189 The reign of King Henry II (grandson of Henry I) 
  1170Thomas Becket is murdered in Canterbury Cathedral 
  11891189-1199 The reign of King Richard I ( Richard the Lionheart (third son of Henry II) 
  1190Third Crusade. Saladin manages to unite the Muslim world and recapture Jerusalem, sparking the Third Crusade 
  11991199-1216 The reign of King John (fifth son of Henry II and brother of King Richard) 
  1200Fourth Crusade 
  12141214 -1215: Barons revolt 
  1215Magna Carta is signed 
  12161216-1272 The reign of King Henry III (son of John) 
  1258Provisions of Oxford forced upon Henry III of England, establishing a new form of government limited regal authority 
  12721272-1307 The reign of King Edward I (son of Henry III) 
  1297William Wallace emerges as the leader of the Scottish resistance to England 
  13071307-1327 The reign of King Edward II (son of Edward I) 
  1307The Knights Templar are rounded up and murdered by Philip the Fair of France, with the backing of the Pope 
  13111311-1315: The Great Famine 
  13271327-1377 The reign of King Edward III (son of Edward II) 
  1337The Hundred Years War begins. England and France struggle for dominance of Western Europe 
  1346The Battle of Crecy 
  1347The Black Death ravages Europe for the first of many times. An estimated one third of the population is thought to have perished within the first year 
  1356Battle of Poitiers 
  13771377-1399 The reign of King Richard II (grandson of Edward III, son of the Black Prince) 
  1380Geoffrey Chaucer begins to write the Canterbury Tales 
  1381Peasants Revolt 
  1382The Bible is translated into English by John Wycliffe 
  1399John of Gaunt dies and King Richard seized his lands. Gaunt's son, Henry Bolingbroke invaded England, whilst Richard was on campaign in Ireland, usurping the throne from the king 
  1399October: King Richard II was condemned as a tyrant. He renounced the crown and Henry IV was proclaimed King the next day 
  13991399-1413 The reign of King Henry IV (grandson of Edward III, son of John of Gaunt) Henry IV died suffering from leprosy and epilepsy 
  14131413-1422 The reign of King Henry V (son of Henry IV). 
  1415Battle of Agincourt 
  14221422-1461 The reign of King Henry VI (son of Henry V) 
  1429Joan of Arc lifts the siege of Orleans for the Dauphin of France, enabling him to eventually be crowned at Reims 
  1430Capture, trial, and execution of Joan of Arc 
  1434The Medici family rises to prominence in Florence 
  1453The Hundred Years War ends. Calais is the only English possession on Continental Europe 
  1455Johann Gutenberg prints the first of his Bibles on his new printing press 
  1455The Wars of the Roses begin in England 
  14611461-1483 The reign of King Edward IV ( youngest son of Edward III). Edward IV was a notorious womaniser - his affairs led to claims of illegitimacy and ultimately led to the murder of his sons - the Princes in the Tower 
  14831483-1485 The reign of King Richard III (uncle of Edward V) 
  1485August 22nd: A Lancastrian rebellion rose against the Yorkist Richard and on he fell in the Battle of Bosworth Field to Henry Tudor. The Wars of the Roses ends and the Tudor dynasty begins 1485 - 1603 - The Tudors 
  14851485 - 1509 Henry Tudor becomes King Henry VII (grandson of Henry V)
He cemented his succession and settled the friction between the Yorkists and Lancastrians by marrying the Yorkist heir, Elizabeth of York
  1487Lambert Simnel (1475–1525) imposter and pretender to the English throne was defeated at the battle of Stoke 
  14991499 Perkin Warbeck, who claimed to be one of the Princes in the Tower (Richard) was interrogated and executed at the Tower of London 
  15091509 - 1547 Reign of King Henry VIII 
  1509King Henry VIII marries Katherine of Aragon  
  1533Henry divorced his first wife, Katherine of Aragon 
  1534Henry VIII broke with the Church in Rome with the Act of Supremacy, which made the king head of the Church of England 
  1535Sir Thomas Moore and Bishop Fisher of Rochester were executed for refusing to acknowledge Henry VIII as head of the English Church 
  1533January 25th: Henry married Anne Boleyn  
  1536May 15th: Anne Boleyn tried for treason, adultery and incest and executed on Tower Hill on May 19th 
  153630 May: Jane Seymour and Henry VIII but Jane dies a premature death after giving birth to Henry's son 
  1540Henry VIII marries Anne of Cleves but the marriage is annulled. On July 28th 49 year old Henry married 19 year old Catherine Howard 
  154213th February: Catherine Howard executed for adultery 
  154312th July Henry married Katherine Parr  
  15471547 - 1553 King Henry VIII died and Edward V (Henry's son by Jane Seymour) becomes king 
  1553Edward dies of tuberculosis and he left the throne to 'the Lady Jane and her heirs male.' 
  1553Monday 10 July: Lady Jane Grey (Queen for just Nine Days) on 19th July 1553 Queen Jane was deposed as Queen 
  15531553 - 1558 Mary (Henry's daughter by Queen Katherine of Aragon) becomes Queen. She is referred to as 'Bloody Mary' for her persecution of Protestants and political rivals 
  15581558 - 1603 Elizabeth I (Henry's daughter by Anne Boleyn)  
  16031603 - 1625 James I of England James VI of Scotland (great-great-grandson of Henry VII)  
  16251625 - 1649 Charles I (second son of James) 
  1642Civil war broke out between King and parliament. 
  164930th January: Charles was beheaded on a scaffold outside the Banqueting House in Whitehall, London 
  16491649 - 1659 The Commonwealth under the Cromwell family 
  16601660 - 1685 Charles II (oldest son of Charles) Royal House of Stuart Restored  
  16851685 - 1688 James II (brother of Charles II) 
  1688The Catholic James was deposed and replaced by by his Protestant daughter and son-in-law, Mary II and William III, who became joint Sovereigns 
  16891689 - 1694 William and Mary - William of Orange (grandson of Charles I) and Mary (daughter of James II) 
  1690Battle of Boyne The deposed James made one attempt to regain the crown, but his French and Irish forces were soundly defeated at the Battle of Boyne 
  16941694 - 1702 William of Orange ruled alone after Mary's death  
  17021702 - 1714 Anne (sister of Mary) 
  17141714 - 1727 George I (great-grandson of James I) 
  17271727 - 1760 George II (son of George I) 
  17601760 - 1820 George III (grandson of George II) 
  18201820 - 1830 George IV (son of George III) 
  18301830 - 1837 William IV (brother of George IV)  
  18371837 - 1901 Victoria (niece of William IV) 
  19011901 - 1910 Edward VII (son of Victoria and Albert) 
  19101910 - 1936 George V (second son of Edward VII) 
  19141914 - 1918 The First World War 
  19361936 Edward VIII (son of George V) The abdication of King Edward VIII following his affair with Wallis Simpson 
  19361936 - 1952 George VI (second son of George V) 
  19391939 - 1945 The Second World War 
  19521952 - Present day Elizabeth II (daughter of George VI) 
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