Cuban Timeline

Cuban Timeline
Important people, dates and events in Cuba
Discovered by Christopher Columbus - colonized by Spain
Ten Years War of independence
Jose Miguel Gomez, Gerado Machado, Fulgencio Batista
Fidel Castro and Che Guevara lead the revolution
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   Cuba was first inhabited by Native American Indians 
  1492Discovered by Christopher Columbus 
  1500'sColonised by the Spanish under the leadership of Diego de Velazquez in 1511 
  1526Slaves were shipped from Africa 
  1762Havana was captured by a British force led by Admiral George Pocock and Lord Albemarle. 
  1763Treaty of Paris: Havana returned to Spain 
  18681868-1878: Ten Years War of independence 
  1886Slavery was abolished 
  18951895-1898: Second war of independence lead by Jose Marti 
  1895US declares war on Spain 
  1898US defeat Spain all Spanish claims to Cuba are relinquished and cedes it to the US. 
  1902Cuba becomes independent but the Platt Amendment keeps Cuba under US protection which retains the right to intervene in internal affairs of Cuba
Tomas Estrada Palma elected president
  19061906-1909: President Estrada resigns and the US occupies Cuban territory following a rebellion led by Jose Miguel Gomez 
  1909Jose Miguel Gomez elected president 
  1912Black protests against discrimination and US forces return to Cuba 
  1924Gerado Machado establishes a dictatorship 
  1925Socialist Party founded leading to Cuban Communist 
  1933Gerado Machado overthrown in a coup led by Sergeant Fulgencio Batista. 
  1934US relinquishes right to intervene in internal affairs of Cuba 
  1944Fulgencio Batista retires and Ramon Gray San Martin becomes President of Cuba 
  1952Fulgencio Batista takes power again 
  1953Fidel Castro leads an unsuccessful revolution against Batista 
  1956Fidel Castro and Che Guevara lead  the revolution 
  1958US withdraws military aid to Fulgencio Batista 
  1959January 1: Fidel Castro leads the Communist revolution with Che Guevara and the rebel army overthrows  President Fulgencio Batista 
  1960December 19: Cuba openly aligns itself with the Soviet Union and their Communist policies. A Cuban Communist State was set up with Russian backing. Fidel Castro allows the USSR to deploy nuclear missiles on the island 
   Cuban Missile Crisis Timeline 
  1972Cuba becomes a member of the Soviet based Council for Mutual Economic Assistance. 
  1976Fidel Castro elected president. 
  1970'sCuba sends troops to intervene in African disputes 
  1988Cuba withdraws its troops from Angola following an agreement with South Africa. 
  1991Collapse of the USSR 
  1996US trade embargo 
  2006July: President Fidel Castro undergoes surgery and temporarily hands over control of the government to his brother, Raul. 
Cuban Timeline

Cuban Timeline
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Cuban Timeline

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