Timeline of English Kings

Timeline of English Kings ( 871AD - Present Day)
The list and dates of the kings of England
Starting with King Alfred the Great in 871
The relationships of the Kings of England with other monarchs
Important dates and events such as 1066 and William the Conqueror
Dates of the Medieval and Tudor English kings
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  Date Reign beganName of English KingsYears Reigned
  871Alfred the Great871-899
  899Edward the Elder (son of Alfred)899-924
  924Aethelstan (first son of Edward the Elder)924-939
  939Edmund I (second son of Edward the Elder)939-946
  946Eadred (third son of Edward the Elder)946-955
  955Edwig (first son of Edmund I) 955-959
  959Edgar (second son of Edmund I)959-975
  975Edward the Martyr (first son of Edgar)975-978
  978Ethelred the Unready (second son of Edgar)978-1016
  1016Edmund Ironside1016
  1016King Canute1016-1035
  1035Alfred (son of Aethelred II)1035-1036
  1036King Harold Harefoot1036-1040
  1042Edward the Confessor1042-1066
  1066King Harold Godwinson1066
  1066King William the Conqueror1066-1087
  1066King William the Conqueror1066-1087
  1087King William Rufus (son of William)1087-1100
  1100King Henry I (William Rufus brother)1100-1135
  1135King Stephen (nephew of Henry I)1135-1154
  1154King Henry II (grandson of Henry I)1154-1189
  1189King Richard I (third son of Henry II)1189-1199
  1199King John (fifth son of Henry II)1199-1216
  1216King Henry III (son of John)1216-1272
  1272King Edward I (son of Henry III)1272-1307
  1307King Edward II (son of Edward I)1307-1327
  1327King Edward III (son of Edward II)1327-1377
  1377King Richard II (grandson of Edward III, son of the Black Prince)1377-1399
  1399King Henry IV (grandson of Edward III, son of John of Gaunt)1399-1413
  1413King Henry V (son of Henry IV)1413-1422
  1422King Henry VI (son of Henry V)1422-1461
  1461King Edward IV ( youngest son of Edward III )1461-1483
  1483King Richard III (uncle of Edward V)1483-1485
  1485Henry VII  (grandson of Henry V)1485-1509
  1509Henry VIII ( son of Henry VII)1509-1547
  1547Edward V (Henry's son by Jane Seymour)1547-1553
  1553Mary (Henry's daughter by Queen Katherine of Aragon)1553-1558
  1558Elizabeth I (Henry's daughter by Anne Boleyn)1558-1603
  1603James I (great-great-grandson of Henry VII)1603-1625
  1625Charles I (second son of James)1625-1649
  1649The Commonwealth under the Cromwell rule1649 - 1659
  1660Charles II (oldest son of Charles I)1660-1685
  1685James II (brother of Charles II)1685-1688
  1689William of Orange (grandson of Charles I) and Mary (daughter of James II)1689-1694
  1694William III - Ruled alone after death of Mary1694 - 1702
  1702Anne (sister of Mary)1702-1714
  1714George I (great-grandson of James I)1714-1727
  1727George II (son of George I)1727-1760
  1760George III (grandson of George II)1760-1820
  1820George IV (son of George III)1820-1830
  1830William IV (brother of George IV)1830-1837
  1837Victoria (niece of William IV)1837-1901
  1901Edward VII (son of Victoria and Albert)1901-1910
  1910George V (second son of Edward VII)1910-1936
  1936Edward VIII (son of George V)
  1936George VI (second son of George V)1936-1952
  1952Elizabeth II (daughter of George VI)
Timeline of English Kings

Timeline of English Kings
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Timeline of English Kings

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Timeline of English Kings

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Timeline of English KingsTimeline of English Kings