Timeline for the Bible

Timeline for the Bible
The major events and famous people in the Bible
The Creation of Adam and Eve
The flood, the Exodus and the the Kingdom of Israel
Destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple
The birth of Jesus
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This Timeline for the Bible covers the major events of the Old Testament

  4004 B.C.Creation of Adam and Eve 
  2348 B.C.Noah's Flood 
  1996 to 1690 B.C.The Biblical Patriarchs lived during this time - from Abraham to Jacob 
  1491 B.C.The Exodus 
  1451 B.C.Joshua leads the children of Israel into the Promised Land 
  1410 - 1050 B.C.Time of Israel's Judges 
  1050 - 930First Kings of Israel - King Saul, King David and King Solomon 
  960 B.C.Building of the first temple in Jerusalem 
  930 B.C.Division of the Kingdom of Israel 
  930 - 723The period of the Kings of Israel from Jeroboam I to Hoshea 
  930 - 586 B.C.The period of the Kings of Judah from Rehoboam to Zedekiah 
  840 - 400 B.C.Period of the Minor Prophets 
  723 B.C.The fall of Israel 
  586 B.C.Destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple 
  515 B.C.Temple at Jerusalem Rebuilt  
  63 B.C.The Romans occupy Palestine 
  37 B.C.Herod the Great is appointed ruler of Judea by Rome 
   Jesus was born either before 4 BC (when Herod the Great died) or in 6 AD (when the historical Census of Quirinius was undertaken). 
Timeline for the Bible

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Timeline for the Bible
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Timeline for the Bible

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Timeline for the Bible

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