Ronald Reagan Timeline

Ronald Reagan Timeline
Short Biography of President Ronald Reagan
Lifespan: 1911 – 2004
Born on 2/6/1911, in Tampico, Illinois
Ronald Reagan died on June 5, 2004 in Los Angeles, California
Fortieth President of America - His term in office was from 1981 to 1989
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Why was Ronald Reagan famous?
Ronald Reagan was famous as the fortieth President of the United States of America. His domestic policies encouraged entrepreneurship and his presidency saw substantial economic recovery. His foreign policies were heavily anti-communist and he encouraged new defence technology so that the US could confront the Soviet Union and its allies. He is particularly remembered for forging a strong relationship with Britain.

    1911 Ronald Reagan was born on 2/6/1911, in Tampico, Illinois  
    1932 Ronald Reagan was educated at Eureka College (1932)  
    1939 Germany invades Poland; World War II begins. Gerald Ford was in the military during WWII  
    1940 Married to his first wife, Jane Wyman in 1940 but divorced in 1948.  
    1941 Attack on Pearl Harbor
U.S. enters World War II. Ronald Reagan was in the military during WWII.
    1945 Atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Germany and Japan surrender, ending World War II
    1946 The Cold War began between the United States and the Soviet Union  
    1950 Senator Joseph McCarthy gains power and start Communist witch hunts (1950-1954)
Korean War begins
    1952 Ronald Reagan married his second wife, Nancy Davis,  on March 4, 1952    
    1953 Armistice in Korea  
    1954 SEATO alliance  
    1955 Warsaw Pact  
    1957 Civil Rights Act of 1957
Russians launch Sputnik
    1958 NASA formed  
    1959 Cuban Revolution  
    1960 Greensboro sit-in
Civil Rights Act of 1960
    1961 Peace Corps
Vietnam War officially begins with 900 military advisors landing in Saigon
OPEC formed
    1962 Cuban Missile Crisis  
    1963 President J Kennedy assassinated
March on Washington; Martin Luther King, Jr. "I have a dream" speech
    1964 Civil Rights Act of 1964  
    1968 Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy assassinated
Civil Rights Act of 1968
    1969 Vietnam
Neil Armstrong walks on the moon
    1972 Watergate burglary
Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty with USSR
    1973 Skylab first space station launched  
    1974 Richard Nixon resigns Presidency over Watergate  
    1979 Three Mile Island nuclear accident
1979 - Iran hostage crisis begins
    1981 1981 Ronald Reagan became the President of the United States of America  
    1981 Attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan by John Hinckley  
    1983 1983 - Granada invasion  
    1985 Iran-Contra Scandal (1985-89)
Glasnost with the Soviet Union (1985-1991)
    1987 Stark incident in Gulf War (1987)  
    1989 1989 The Presidency of Ronald Reagan ended  
    2004 He died of pneumonia on June 5, 2004 in Los Angeles, California. His seven-day state funeral followed and he was buried in Simi Valley.  
President Ronald Reagan Timeline

Ronald Reagan Timeline
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Ronald Reagan Timeline

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President Ronald Reagan Timeline

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