Benjamin Harrison Timeline

Benjamin Harrison Timeline
Short Biography of President Benjamin Harrison
Lifespan: 1833 - 1901
Born on August 20, 1833 in North Bend, Ohio
Benjamin Harrison died on March 13, 1901 in Indianapolis, Indiana
Twenty-third President of America - His term in office was from 1889 to 1893
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Why was Benjamin Harrison famous?
Benjamin Harrison was famous as the twenty-third President of the United States of America. He was the grandson of the 9th President, William Henry Harrison. His presidency saw the first step towards making sure that trade was not limited by the existence of monopolies. The next US President was Grover Cleveland.

  1833Benjamin Harrison was born on August 20, 1833 in North Bend, Ohio 
  1846Mexican-American War begins. 
  1852Chester A. Arthur became a lawyer 
  1853Benjamin Harrison was married to his first wife, Caroline Lavinia Scott, on October 20, 1853. 
  1859Oregon admission to the US
Harper's Ferry Raid
  1860Pony Express begins 
  1861The American Civil War, also called the War between the States, was waged from April 1861 until April 1865. The 4 year war was between the federal government of the United States and 11 Southern states that asserted their right to secede (withdraw) from the Union. Abraham Lincoln was the central figure of the American Civil War. Benjamin Harrison joined the military in 1862 to fight in the Civil War and was promoted to Brigadier General. 
  1863Battle of Gettysburg 
  1864Sand Creek Massacre 
  1865Abraham Lincoln assassinated
United States Civil War ends
Benjamin Harrison left military service at the end of the war and resumed his law practice.
  1866Civil Rights Act of 1866
Ku Klux Klan founded
  1867Alaska Purchase from Russia 
  1876Battle of the Little Bighorn 
  1877Nez Perce War 
  1881In 1881, Harrison was elected to the U.S. Senate and served until 1887.  
  1882Chinese Exclusion Act and European Restriction Act 
  18891889 Benjamin Harrison became the President of the United States of America 
  1889First Pan-American Conference in 1889 
  1890Sherman Anti-Trust Act (1890)
Sherman Silver Purchase Act (1890)
McKinley Tariff of 1890
  1891Electricity Installed in White House (1891) 
  18931893 The Presidency of Benjamin Harrison ended 
  1896Benjamin Harrison married his second wife was Mary Scott Lord Dimmick (1858–1948) a widow nearly thirty years his junior whom he married on April 6, 1896. 
  1896Gold discovered in the Yukon's Klondike 
  1898Spanish-American War 
  1901Benjamin Harrison died of pneumonia on March 13, 1901 in Indianapolis, Indiana. He was buried in Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis. 
President Benjamin Harrison Timeline

Benjamin Harrison Timeline
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Benjamin Harrison Timeline

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President Benjamin Harrison Timeline

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